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Saturday, May 24 2003

Been awhile since I've said anything on the front page. I think you'll live. Since then, I have added a few things. Most notably a Table of Contents (see navigation to the left).

One of the bigger things that I've been up to is re-vamping the HTML around here. I'm preparing for a content CD and the code just wasn't up to it. I guess the big reason for the code overhaul is because I want to include a PDF on the CD. With the way the code was, I just couldn't make a PDF easily. Very non-conducive.

Before I do that, however, I have a buttload of pages to add. Somewhere around 10 pages jam packed with all sorts of goodness. Gonna be some of my more mind-blowing stuff. Just some basic revelations and then expounded into something beautiful. At least I hope it works out that way. We'll see.

Once I get all of that done, hopefully nobody will ask any questions. Usually someone will ask a question and I'll have to talk about it and eventually add it to Tech-Slop. It's a mixed blessing.


Saturday, August 31 2002

Displace has been suspended again. I was hoping to get it all finished before our new daughter was born, but I didn't quite make it. :sigh: The sacrifices I make. The Displace tutorials that I have left require a bit more brain power and concentration than I can afford right now.

Slight change in plans again.

What I'm going to be doing is concentrating on the little things. Things like editing and adding little tidbits here and there. I even got started on a few new discussions that are less brain heavy than Displace.

My new discussions are going to be more like foundation pieces for other things. I get real tired of people asking about complex things when they don't have the fundamentals down. So I'm going to do something about that. Gotta walk before you can run.



Sunday, June 16 2002

I've started the final stretch of Displace tutorials around here. Some new things and some old things. New or old, things are getting re-arranged and re-worked. I'm even filling in some of the gaping holes that I've left. I feel that things will definitely have a much better flow by the time I'm done.

For the longest time, Tech-Slop has been about 1/3 done. Now it's more like 3/4 done. I estimate around 6 more pages of rambling.

Once it's all said and done, I'll be giving Displace a long break. The only updating that I will being doing with regards to Displace is editing and better cross-linkage. However, if I do get the bug for something non-Displace, I will add it.


A Long Time Ago...

Alright. Things around here are really starting to shape up. Dispite the rumours, they are. My vision is starting to come together in an odd sort of way.

Welcome to Technical Slop.

When I say slop, I mean slop on several fronts. There are so many inconsistancy running around this place it ain't funny. And the design/lay-out isn't the greatest. For the most part, the blandness of the place is by design. Once I'm comfortable with the content, then I'll work on making this place more presentable. For now, content is king - to a fault.

The main focus around here is Displace. It's an odd little filter in Adobe Photoshop found in the Distort filter set. Powerful, under utilized, and often misunderstood. Maybe people just don't have a need for it. But I like to think that people would use it more effectively if they understood it. But that's me.

Displace is a matrix of knowledge. Therein lies the challenge for me. Far to many variables to make sense of Displace with a few pages and some weak examples.

So, don't be too surprised if you get confused by any number of things laying around in this place.



"um....... you have too much time on your hands......"

"Math hurts my brain......"

"You are required to have a *very* strange head in order to visualize it! Actually, I think warjournal can close his eyes and see the finished file."

"My head hurts! I think I'll get some sleep and try reading that again...."

"I'm smart like a post and you're getting through to me."

"ok, sometimes I'm a total ditz.... I've used displace, but not with any knowledge whatsoever, just trial and error. BUT WJ, I read your tech-slop and it made so much sense! I'm, like, doing cartwheels over here it's like..... ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, well, why didn't you hit me over the head like that before...?"

"As a total newbie to the displace filter, I found your explanations concise and very informative--I like your writing style. Pics were very helpful, too. Can't wait for the finished product."

"Your work on displacemet maps could be considered like the Rosetta Stone in that it illuminates what was once a mystery. I'm completely excited over your work and can hardly wait to see the gap fill-ins you write about. You are a Displacement Map Guru!"

"Damn dude, you never fail to surprise me as to how technical one can get with Photoshop. Nice shit, very nice indeed."

"I don't think that his tutorials are very useful for the majority of Photoshop users"

"Fucking amazing is what it is. and you can quote me on that =)"

"It's a work of art WJ, a work of art. Most excellent."

"...your tutorials are some of the most advanced I've seen on the web. It's great to get the gritty details behind why and how certain filters work beside's just mentioning what they do. Thanks for all the hard work and extra time you must have put into this just to help guys like us who can really use it."